Scout Advancement

Scoutmaster Conference: Scouts must first complete all Rank Requirements detailed in their Boy Scout manual. Once the requirements have been met, the Scout must meet with a Scoutmaster of other designated Scout leader. They will review the manual to ensure all requirements have been met. Once approved, then the Scout is ready for a Board of Review and the next advancement.

Board of Review (BOR): The Scout must contact Mr. Simmons via email ( to request for a BOR to be scheduled. The BOR consists of the Scout being in Class A uniform and they must have their Boy Scout manual. The Scout will need to recite the Scout Law, Scout Oath, Outdoor Code, Scout Motto and Scout Slogan. Approximately three of four parents (and or adults) will form the review panel. They will ask questions of the Scout mainly about their experience with scouting and other questions pertaining to scouting that will demonstrate that they are ready for advancement. After the panel interviews the scout, the panel will ask the scout to leave the review area and go over the Scout's responses and their manual. They will shake the scouts hand to congratulate them on their advancement.

Court of Honor: This is held quarterly. It is a ceremony where all Scouts are in Class A uniforms. It is to recognize those advancing or for those who have achieved merit badges. Prior to the meeting, Mr. Simmons will send out a request for one of the scouts to create the Court of Honor program. The Scout who creates the program must contact his fellow scouts to ask them to be readers, flag bearers, and lighting of the candles/rank elevation. The creation of the program fulfills one of the requirements for the Communications merit badge. It must be signed by the Scoutmaster to provide this requirement has been met and saved for when they are seeking the Communications merit badge. A red pinning ribbon is given to the Scout's parent for each Court of Honor ceremony. The ceremony is brief and consists of recognition of those rising in rank and those that achieved merit badges. Light refreshments are shared after the ceremony is over.